Inspiration, Education and Charity 

Spill the Beans is like TED Talks for kids, by kids.  It's a global platform to help kids find their purpose and to give them a platform to use their voice for good.

Spill the Beans gives kids a voice in business, in the Boardroom, in school and at the dinner table through its key initiatives Pitchfest, The Y-Suite, Bean Talks and ASPiRE. 

Spill the Beans creates online and in person events and educational programs, enabling kids to voice their ideas, stories and inspiration. Our incredible kids get to unleash their inner voice on our global platform.

But it doesn't stop at inspiration. Spill the Beans partners with charities for each of our events, helping to raise awareness and funds for a good cause. 


Give kids a voice.

Kids often find it difficult to relate to their parents, teachers and the older generation. And sometimes they feel like they’re not being listened to or understood. Spill the Beans gives kids an opportunity to inspire and be inspired by other kids their age, encouraging them to communicate with others and motivating them to perform better at school, and in their personal lives.

Kids share their ideas and stories at online events and live conferences in the form of presentations, facilitated panel discussions and interviews.

They lead the way for other kids, giving them the confidence to reach for their dreams, to be pioneers, to be creative and bold and teach other kids how to be truly comfortable with who they are.

Spill the Beans gives parents and teachers the opportunity to learn about kids:

  • What are they thinking?
  • How are they feeling?
  • What are their challenges?
  • How can we help?

Spill the Beans creates a strong sense of community for schools, families and kids, closing the communication gap by encouraging kids to share and discuss ideas and stories at the dinner table. Kids have loud voices and they want to be heard. They’re smart and creative. They want to talk and we want to listen. We need to learn from our kids and they’re our future, so that’s why we’re giving them an opportunity to change the world, one Bean Talk at a time.


Our children are our legacy. But what kind of children will they grow up to be? How do we prepare them to grow up with a strong set of values? At Spill the Beans, we believe our values align with the values we should be teaching our kids.

We lead by example. We own our mistakes. We act with integrity. We display humility. We embrace our passion. We aim to improve. And last, but definitely not least, we have fun!