Teaching entrepreneurship to students encourages them to embrace a growth mindset and helps to develop essential life skills to prepare for an uncertain future.

Naomi Simson mentors 12 year old Jack Berne, founder of charity, A Fiver for a Farmer.

"Being purposeful is about how you contribute to others and in so doing you make the world a better place."

Naomi Simson


Our Inspirational Leaders

Naomi is passionate about education, entrepreneurship and innovation. A leading entrepreneur, Naomi founded RedBalloon in 2001 and co-founded Big Red Group in 2017. She is an award winning blogger for over a decade at NaomiSimson.com, a professional speaker, author of best selling books, Live What You Love and Ready To Soar, leading business podcaster at Handpicked and a ‘Shark’ on business reality show Shark Tank Australia.

Naomi is an advisor to the University of Melbourne and Economics Faculty and the University of Technology.


Helen is the founder of Spill the Beans, empowering young people to use their voice in school, in the Boardroom, in business and at the dinner table.

Helen was given up for adoption at a young age because her mother was dying and her father was too poor to keep her. She was one of nine children and two had already passed away from malnutrition by the time she was adopted. There’s rarely a day that goes by when Helen is not grateful for the opportunities that she’s had in life. 

Helen is a Board Director at Adopt Change, a member of the Board of Advisors at Komosion, formerly
a Lead Client Service Director at Deloitte and possesses over 20 years’ experience in legal and professional services, including owning and operating her own legal recruitment company for over 10 years.

What is ASPiRE?

ASPiRE is an Entrepreneur In Residence program, matching entrepreneurs with schools to assist with their entrepreneurship/ business programs.

The Entrepreneur In Residence (EIR) is a voluntary position for a 6 month term with an option to renew – helping to mentor students, volunteering their time and assisting in the development of transferable entrepreneurial skills in students, ultimately helping students to thrive in life and in particular, on their post-school journey. The EIR will volunteer their time (either virtually or in-person) for 1-2 hours per week.

How does ASPiRE work?

ASPiRE draws upon the combined recruitment and entrepreneurial experience from Naomi Simson and Helen Baker and their teams to recruit the ideal candidate from a wide-ranging entrepreneurial community.

Understand and Align.

The process first involves gaining a thorough understanding of a school’s aspirations and entrepreneurial journey, ensuring that we are aligned on goals, vision and purpose.

Search and Select.

We then extend invitations to
our entrepreneurial community, searching for candidates who are passionate about the cause and keen to volunteer their time as a resident entrepreneur. Following consultations with the school
and the preferred entrepreneur, references and security checks, we offer the candidate the position of Entrepreneur in Residence.

Manage and Maintain.

Spill the Beans manages the process from end to end, ensuring that both the school and the EIR are aligned with requirements and expectations. We maintain both relationships, and in the lead up to the volunteer contract expiry date, we manage the EIR transition to a new position or an extension of the contract.

For Schools

Be the School of Choice

The future of work is uncertain. By teaching students the key skills of entrepreneurship, in addition to having a dedicated EIR assisting with your programs, you’re communicating to prospective parents and teachers that you’re investing in the future of your students, that you value innovation and that you’re teaching the necessary skills to thrive in an uncertain tomorrow.

Be a Visionary

Human capital is a key differentiator for any organisation. By investing in an EIR to assist with your programs, you’re investing in the future of your students and increasing your potential to improve their learning outcomes. Your school will be recognised as a leader and a visionary in education, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Be Inspired

Your dedicated EIR will be a constant source of inspiration and knowledge for your students, teachers and broader community, helping you strive for excellence.

For Entrepreneurs

Opportunity to Give Back

By volunteering as an EIR, you’re giving back to our future generation, inspiring them to study and learn the key skills of entrepreneurship, ultimately helping them to thrive in life and on their post-school journey. ASPiRE is an exciting opportunity to impart your business and entrepreneurial experience and expertise for a good cause.

Opportunity to Expand Your Network

Being an EIR will expand your network and create opportunities to build meaningful relationships within the school community including students, teachers, principals, alumni, parents and other educators.

You'll enjoy being part of an EIR community with like-minded entrepreneurs who possess similar interests and values. Meet other EIRs by attending educational events, conferences and networking functions organised by the team at ASPiRE.

ASPiRE equals opportunity.