Campbell holds a special magic in his heart that's changing the world and giving people hope in their darkest days.

Campbell was just 9 years old when he asked if he could give children Christmas gifts in hospital. When he was told it would cost too much, he started making them himself. Now in his 7th year, Campbell has made thousands of gifts for people in hospitals and people in need around the world. Campbell created his own charity, gifting Kindness Crusies, holidays on cruise ships to unsuspecting nominees that are battling cancer with the goal of them relaxing and regrouping to start new memories after their cancer experience. In six months since the birth of this idea, Campbell has gifted 11 Kindness cruises to families.

Campbell has raised in excess of $150k for charity, made thousands of handcrafted gifts, sends his amazing handcrafted bears to children in hospitals, unsung heroes and victims of terrorist attacks.

Campbell takes his project very seriously and works tirelessly. He has experienced the impact of cancer first hand and has watched friends and loved ones beat it as well as experienced severe loss when the disease has overcome some loved ones - his goal to help find a cure for cancer is utmost in his priorities but helping people stay strong is his motivation.

Campbell is a Year 10 student and is one of 9 children! Campbell has won many local awards including Clarence Young Citizen of the year, Pride of Australia, was a finalist in Tasmanian Young achiever awards, won People's Choice in the Tasmanian Community Achievement Awards and most recently, he was the very first Australian to be awarded the CNN Heroes Young Wonder award and travelled to New York City to represent our country. In February 2018 he proudly represented Tasmania as a Queens Baton Bearer.

Campbell is a regular, average cheeky 16 year old boy but he holds a special magic in his heart that's changing the world and giving people hope in their darkest days.

Without even knowing his special gift, Campbell has reached out and held the weakest hands through the toughest days - it really is a special kind of magic.