Christian Hull is an Australian Comedian and Creator who has accumulated over 600 million views on his plethora of hilarious videos and gained a loyal following of over 2 million followers on social media. Christian’s podcast 'Complete Drivel’ drives over 9,000 listeners tuning into each episode to hear his outlandish stories and general chit chat and currently sits within the top 100 podcasts in Australia. 

Christian has built up a fiercely loyal fan base who are highly engaged, resulting in Christian launching his “beep (censored!) off flower pendant.” Merchandise which went viral and sold over 12,000 units globally. Following on from this 

success, Christian launched his very own roll-on scent which radiates ‘beep (censored!) off energy’ called Farqovski. Farqovski sold out completely in 45 minutes via his online store, and featured on trucks and billboards across Australia. The popularity of the brand even scored a feature in the world famous Rolling Stone Magazine!

In the last year since starting a TikTok account, he has grown his audience to 824,000 followers and over 20 million likes! Christian has over 900,000 followers on Facebook, 224,000 followers on Instagram and 104,000 subscribers on YouTube