Passionate about STEM. 

Hi! My name is Ella Wilson. As a girl in STEM, I am passionate about encouraging other girls to partake in STEM and realise the potential learning and career opportunities that stem from this (no pun intended)! I recently got accepted into the Brainstem Innovation challenge, in which we work with Swinburne University to solve a real world, social issue that stands out to us. In previous years, they have built applications for people with disabilities, special walking sticks and so much more.

Two years running I was chosen to partake in the Tech Girls are Superheroes initiative whereby I worked with a team to create applications to help spread awareness about climate change. 

The other being an app to grant people, with the simple click of a button, the opportunity to do charity work within the community. Recently, I designed and built a portable, personal use ventilator for those with severe breathing problems. I was inspired to find a solution to a real problem during Covid-19.

I am a passionate advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves. Outside of STEM and advocacy, I enjoy music and Taekwondo. I play the guitar, flute, piano and ukulele. I am also a second-degree black belt. I believe the younger generations have the ability to be the change-makers of society.