Meet the Brains Trust.  

Our Youth Advisory Board is the powerhouse behind Spill the Beans.  They drive creativity, content and strategy, using their wealth of knowledge, personal connections and passion.  If you'd like to get involved, please reach out to us on our contact page >

The Entrepreneur

Liam is the Chair of our Youth Advisory Board.  With a strong passion for business at 16, Liam started his own business at just 13 years old.  He operates a number of growing businesses as well as curating for well-known travel magazine, Navigate Australia.

Code Like a Girl Ambassador

An ethical hacker at 15 years old, Tamara loves helping others and was the youngest Ambassador for Melbourne Knowledge Week as well as the winner of several industry awards.

Youth Voice Advocate and Happow Ambassador

Ahelee is passionate about philanthropy, youth voice and creating awareness on a range of social issues. When she's not delivering speeches on social issues or blogging to share her perspectives, Ahelee enjoys public speaking and debating.  

Student and STEM Advocate 

Ella is passionate about encouraging other girls to partake in STEM and advocates for the potential learning and career opportunities in STEM. 

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