National Pitchfest Schools Competition.

Pitchfest and Village Cinemas have joined forces to create the ultimate school excursion and pitching competition, teaching students how to solve problems and bring ideas to life - in the cinemas. Students can enjoy the cinematic experience and learn fundamental skills at the same time! 

About the Pitchfest competition

The Pitchfest Schools Competition is a nation-wide, pitching competition for primary and secondary school students.  From February until December 2022, schools and students from around Australia will have the opportunity to participate in a pitching competition to solve specific challenges set by companies. Students enter the competition by choosing the company category challenge and submitting their idea in the form of a one-minute pitch video.   

The Ultimate School Excursion

As part of the competition, we're offering schools and students the opportunity to participate in our Pitchfest ideation workshops in the cinemas. Yes - in the cinemas! The ideation workshops will be focused on solving real business and community problems.  Can't attend in cinemas and don't want to miss out? That's okay - we can still facilitate your workshop online. Phew! 

Students will be mentored through the competition process and any student who enters the competition will have the opportunity to appear on the Pitchfest show!  

Open to primary and secondary students, the competition commences on Friday 25 February 2022 and closes on Wednesday 30 November 2022.  For details on how to enter, click the 'Enter Now' button.

As one of the prizes, Marc Randolph, co-founder of Netflix will be hosting a Masterclass with the winners on how to execute on their ideas and bring them to life. 

As one of the prizes, Naveen Jain, founder of Moon Express (the only company globally, allowed to harvest on the moon) and Viome, will be hosting a Masterclass with the winners on how to execute on their ideas and bring them to life. 

What will students learn through the Pitchfest ideation workshops?

  • How to bring an idea to life and pitch it effectively

  • How to develop an idea through a business lens, from initial problem to audience, marketing, vision and beyond

  • Self confidence

  • Research skills

  • Presentation skills

  • Critical thinking from a solution-focused perspective

  • How to nurture innovator and creative skills

  • The art of visualisation and thinking BIG!

More prizes coming. This is just the beginning. Watch this space!

Winners of the Pitchfest Competition will also attend MasterClasses with: 

David Meltzer - MasterClass on How to Execute on your Big Idea
Former CEO of Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment, Author, Sports Executive

Brant Pinvidic - MasterClass on How to Pitch Effecitvely
Hollywood Producer & Director, Author, Podcaster, Forbes Contributor

Sarah Davidson - MasterClass on How to Build Confidence as an Entrepreneur
Lawyer turned Funtrepreneur, TV presenter, Founder of Seize the Yay podcast, Author

Lisa Teh - MasterClass on How to Navigate the Digital Future
Co-founder Mooning, Founder CODI Agency, Co-Founder

Kate Jones - MasterClass on Careers in Tech
Executive Director - Tech Council of Australia, Advisor - Soda, ARL Commissioner

Wyatt Roy - MasterClass on Careers in Tech
Executive Director - Tech Council of Australia, Managing Director - Affinity Australia

Colleen Callander - MasterClass on How to Build Real Confidence
Former Sportsgirl CEO, Author, Founder of MentorMe, Business Leadership Coach

Helen Baker - MasterClass on Design Thinking
Founder & CEO Spill the Beans, Board Director - Adopt Change, Advisory Board -  Komosion, Former Lead Client Service Director, Deloitte

Schools love our Pitchfest workshops!

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