Prue Spencer

'My vision is to continue my passion in making clothing for vision impaired teenagers.' 

From a young age Prue Spencer always showed an interest in the creative arts, in particular design and fashion. Whether she was playing dress-up with her older sister, or doodling fashion designs during maths class, Prue was consumed by the creative world.

In 2019 when she saw her vision impaired classmate and friend struggling to navigate the many obstacles of hallways in school, she was motivated to use this interest to help others.

Encouraged by her design and technology teacher, she entered Wool4School, a national design competition whose theme that year was ‘Technology’. After witnessing her friend experience difficulty at school, she designed an outfit that employed high-end technology and fashion to help vision impaired teenagers navigate their world whilst expressing their style. This design earned her the year 10 national title winner and a feature in Frankie Magazine.

Soon after, Prue was nominated for the Pretty Foundation’s ‘Pretty Inspirational Awards’. Prue not only won her nominated category, ‘Pretty Artistic’, but received the overall ‘Pretty Inspirational’ award. Again, this award recognised Prue’s work towards a more disability-friendly and inclusive fashion industry.

Currently Prue is completing VCE Product Design and Technology and continues her design journey in helping vision impaired teenagers.

One day, Prue hopes to create a full collection of clothing that assists vision impaired people of all ages and wishes to take a career path in the fashion industry focusing on accessible, ethical and sustainable practices.