Empowering young people to voice their ideas, stories and inspiration.

For ages 8-17 years

Inspirational talks, encouraging conversation at the dinner table and in the classroom

Bean Talks is like TED Talks for kids, by kids.  It's a global platform for kids to have a voice, be creative, share their ideas, inspiration and tell their truth. Through engaging in online and in-person events, we help kids to find their passion and purpose, build their confidence and develop public speaking skills.

The talks are offered as an educational resource, together with tailored, fun, interactive worksheets for schools and families.  We partner with charities for each of our events/programs, raising awareness and funds for good causes. 

For ages 10-21 years

Empowering young people in the community and business environment

Pitchfest is a series of video productions, enabling young people to pitch their charity and business ideas to a panel of leading entrepreneurs and business people from around the world.  The panellists provide valuable advice and guidance to the pitchers and the Pitchfest experience gives  young people the confidence to walk away feeling empowered to move their idea to the next level.  

The Pitchfest production is distributed to schools around Australia and New Zealand for educational purposes.  It is used to deliver educational workshops in schools with a focus on entrepreneurship, designed to teach students a range of entrepreneurial and transferrable life skills with a specific focus on bringing and idea to life.    

For ages 17-23 years

Empowering young people in the Boardroom Environment

The Y-Suite program recruits and establishes Youth Advisory Boards for organisations, helping to close the diversity and inclusion gap on Boards while also injecting youthful perspective and helping organisations to align their mission, vision and strategy with social purpose.  It simultaneously delivers powerful opportunities for young people (at no cost) including business training by Melbourne Business School plus mentoring and support throughout the program.  The Y-Suite is proud to be in partnership with Melbourne Business School and not-for-profit, UN Youth Australia (Victoria). 

For Entrepreneurs and Schools

Australian Schools Program for In Resident Entrepreneurs 

ASPiRE is an Entrepreneur In Residence program, matching voluntary entrepreneurs with schools to assist with their business/entrepreneurship programs. The Entrepreneur In Residence (EIR) volunteers their time and assists in the development of transferable entrepreneurial skills in students, ultimately helping students to thrive in life and in particular, on their post-school journey.

Regardless of what our children ASPiRE to be when they leave school, they require transferrable skills to help them thrive on their journey through life. Teaching entrepreneurship encourages students to embrace an entrepreneurial mindset, whilst accelerating their transferrable and essential life skills such as building confidence, problem solving, communication, critical thinking, research, teamwork and presentation skills.

In partnership with Naomi Simson: Entrepreneur, founder of RedBalloon, best-selling author, award-winning blogger, Shark on SharkTank Australia.

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