Founder of A Fiver for a Farmer

He might only be 11 years old, but Jack Berne has been branded one of the country’s most successful drought awareness campaigners, raising more than $1.8 million for drought affected farmers.

Code Like a Girl Ambassador

An ethical hacker at 15 years old, Tamara loves helping others and was the youngest Ambassador for Melbourne Knowledge Week as well as the winner of several industry awards.

Teenage Entrepreneur

A millionaire by the age of 17, Jack is one of the nation’s youngest and most successful entrepreneurs, diversifying and growing business to unprecedented heights with the aim of helping kids.

Apple App Developer & Coding Guru

Aged 13, Yuma Soerianto is one of the youngest app developers in the world and has been an Apple Worldwide Developer Conference scholarship winner three years in a row.

Climate Change Activist

Niamh was MC and organiser of the largest climate strike in Australian history.  At 17 years of age, Niamh is leading and organising a movement of other strikers to help push climate action.

Student, designing clothes for the vision impaired

From a young age Prue Spencer always showed an interest in the creative arts, in particular design and fashion.

Founder of charity Project 365

Campbell is a regular, average cheeky 16 year old boy but he holds a magic in his heart that's changing this world and showing people the power of hope and its importance in our darkest days.

Climate Change Activist

Miro Wilkinson >

Miro is a 16 year old from Castlemaine, Victoria with a big voice when it comes to climate change.  So big, that he MC'd in front of thousands of people during a climate strike in Melbourne in 2019.

Founder of Navigate Australia

With a strong passion for business at 16, Liam started his own business at just 13 years old.  He operates a number of growing businesses as well as curating for a well-known travel magazine.

Founders of E-PAC

George Facer Rolfe & Mason Carter >

George Facer Rolfe & Carter Mason (11 years old) created a pack for tourists including reusable items and were chosen to pitch their idea to Al Gore at the Young Entrepreneurs Summit in 2019. 

Founder of Hū Digital Agency

Hugh Bettinson >

Hugh Bettinson has spent thousands of hours educating students and sits on the Advisory Council Panel for the Australian School of Entrepreneurship at the ripe old age of just 17.


Charlotte is an 11 year old actress who has been in the television and film industry for 6 years. When she's not on a filim set, Charlotte loves bike riding, spending time with family, playing tennis and she has a pet rock named Roderick!

Founder of #childrenforchangecampaign

Aurora is the 12 year old founder of #childrenforchange campaign and co-founder of a business called Cash Back Health.  She is dedicated to educating young people about sustainable practices through the Children for Change Campaign.

Student and Co-Founder of 'A Gift for You'

Aleena's idea 'A Gift for You' came when she and a friend made 1,000 beautiful paper cranes and donated them to patients at a rehabilitation centre in New South Wales.

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